Frequently Asked Questions
NTF = Norberg Type Foundry


Font related Q/A
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Q: What is NTF or Norberg Type Foundry?

A: As the name indicates, it's mainly a one-person type foundry that creates high quality retail typefaces for anyone to use in their projects, also, NTF offers a selection of type-oriented physical goods ranging from prints and posters to apparel and accessories.


Q: Where's my download link?

A: NTF uses Shopify's Digital Downloads app for digital goods, and you will be able to download your items directly after purchase (at the order confirmation page). You will also receive an email from delivery@shopify.com with the download link. Check your spam box if you don't receive the email. Should you have any problems with your digital download(s), just get in contact at contact@norbergtypefoundry.com, and we'll sort it out. 


Q: My accountant says that I need a receipt.

A: You should honor thy accountant; the order confirmation email contains a link to a downloadable PDF-receipt of your purchase.


Q: What's with the prices? They change after loading the page?

A: Yes, they might, depending on your location. What's happening is that 25% Swedish VAT is being applied to the prices for visitors from the EU & Sweden. If you're not located in the EU or Sweden you don't pay any VAT on digital goods and shouldn't see any price changes after loading the pages. Read on for more info on VAT. 


Q: Can I use the font to create a logo?

A: Yes! Also, a @norbergtypefoundry on your instagram/behance/whateverkidsusenowadays would be much appreciated.


Q: Can I use the font to create graphics that I then sell?

A: Generally, yes, but this is somewhat of a grey area. The rule of thumb is that your design shouldn't be a viable substitute (or close to) to purchasing the font directly from NTF. Also, you must make sure that you apply the font in a way so it's not possible to extract from your graphics and converted into a font file.

Q: Can I give away my ”unused” allowed installs to my graphic designer friend?

A: No, sorry. The license is per organization/company. The same principle goes for webfonts as well; the webfont license are per domain (including subdomains as long as they are extensions of the same brand as on the top level domain).


Q: Can I send the font(s) to my printing house?

A: Yes, you can if necessary. But you must inform your printing house and receive written consent (e-mail is fine) that they understand and agree that they may use the font(s) only in the print specific print job(s) you have ordered from them and that they must delete the files from their systems after the job is done. More on that in the formal terms.


Q: Me and two other guys is, like, developing an app..?

A: App/epub/server/broadcast licenses are not available in the webshop at the moment, sorry. Please send an email to contact@norbergtypefoundry.com for a quote.


Q: Yesterday a font was $35, today it's $36, what kind of humbuggery is this?

A: The prices in the shop are based on Svensk Krona (the currency of Sweden) and due to exchange rate fluctuations and Trumps tweets the prices in USD/EUR/GBP may differ slightly from day to day. 


Q: What about VAT? 

A: VAT is applied to or deducted from the price based on where in the world you are. International customers (customers outside the EU) doesn't pay VAT on digital goods (typefaces, graphics, etc), also, prices in the webshop are displayed excluding VAT to international customers. EU businesses can enter their VAT-number on the cart page in order to have VAT deducted from the price at the final payment step of the checkout process. Prices in the webshop are displayed with 25% Swedish VAT to EU visitors. Customers in Sweden pays VAT regardless whether you're a private customer or not - but business customers can later deduct the VAT in the dreaded momsdeklarationen. I'm sure you know the drill.


Q: How do you keep track on whether I exceed the pageviews or install the font on more computers than I'm allowed?

A: I don't. But I presume that you have the best intentions, a pure heart and a respect for the hard labour of your fellow font designer. If you suspect that you're going to exceed the installs/pageviews for your license, simply purchase the font again to expand your allowed installs/pageviews. For example, let's say you have purchased a quantity of 1 of a font at one time, and a quantity of 1 of the same identical font & license type at another time, that counts as a quantity of two (1+1=2), and allows for level 2 of allowed desktop installs or pageviews per month. Remember, a ”font” refers to one specific width, weight and style, while a ”typeface” refers to the family to which the fonts belong; Skyna Light and Skyna Bold Italic are fonts of the Skyna typeface. Please see the table below the "Add to Cart" button for typefaces to see how many desktop installations OR pageviews per month the total quantity allows. Please note that you must purchase the same exact weight, slant & license type in order to count them together. That sounded more complicated than it actually is, I'm sure you get it.


 Q: I suppose by ”Desktop” you mean any computer?

A: Yes, yes of course. It’s just a term for computer. You can install your desktop font(s) on your desktop computer or your laptop. Or on your Dingoo A320 for that matter, if you think it’s worth the hassle.


Q: It says that I have reached my download limit?

A: As a feeble measure of protecting NTF's font software & other digital goods, download links are limited to 5 downloads per link, so keep your download link-email safe and a backup copy of the digital product stored in a tower behind two layers of moats with crocodiles in them. Should you for some reason exceed your download limit, just get in touch by sending a mail from the email address you used when ordering the font. Please also include the PDF receipt or a screenshot of your receipt.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: NTF doesn't offer refunds on digital goods (typefaces, graphics etc), so please check the checkout page thoroughly before finishing your order. Refunds on physical goods are another story, but more on that in the physical goods-section.


Q: Do you offer installation support or any other support?

A: No, sorry, but installing a desktop font is a very straightforward procedure, and there are numerous of easy-to-follow guides online on how to embed webfonts using the @font-face rule. NTF doesn't offer any general support for fonts, instead see the documentation of your design application. But do feel free to get in contact if you have any pre-purchase questions, or any other questions for that matter.


Q: Do you offer custom typeface design?

A: Sure, send a mail to contact@norbergtypefoundry.com and I'll be in contact with you.


Q: Do you offer customization of your fonts?

A: It depends on what you're looking for - send a mail to contact@norbergtypefoundry.com with a description of what modifications you would need and we'll see if we can work something out.


Q: Can I make a webfont from my desktop font copy (or vice versa)?

A: No, you'll have to purchase a seperate license for each application - this also ensures that you get the highest quality font, with no risk of data loss that might occur from a conversion between file formats. When you purchase a desktop font you'll receive a link for a zip file containing the font file(s) as .OTF and when you purchase a webfont you'll receive the font in the WOFF2 format, the recommended format for most modern web browsers.


Q: Can we use NTF typefaces for our political campaign? We run on a platform of bigotry, science denial, misogyny, the godgiven right for every man and woman to carry assault weapons, that journalism is a crime, general xenophobia and, lastly, that religious persecution is patriotic practice.

A: No, you can't.   



Physical Goods related Q/A


Q: I can't select my country in the shipping details?

A: NTF only ships physical goods to countries within the EU common market, due to the inferno level of headache international customs entails. Sorry. However, digital goods are available to the whole world and beyond. 


Q: Where's my order goddammit?

A: Norberg Type Foundry uses PostNord - the Swedish/Danish postal service - for shipping of all it's goods. General delivery time is estimated to 3-5 (working) days for addresses in Sweden & the EU, but might be a few days longer depending on the service policies of your country's postal service and registration time at your local service point. All orders are traceable & insured and you will receive a SMS/Text & email or a notice by mail from your domestic postal service when your order has arrived.


Q: I don’t like posters. I want a refund.

A: Sure, no problems. But you must send the product back (you’ll need to pay for the return shipping), and make sure it is in mint condition. Also remember that the exchange rate between SEK and your currency may have changed since the time of purchase, so the refunded sum might differ slightly from what you initially paid.