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I would ride the range and never worry
I would disappear into the night
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Skyna - a technical grotesk, a clean & modern sans serif or simply put - a sans serif workhorse. A perfect typeface for branding work, editorial design, magazines and infographics
Bold Weight of Skyna - A simple and clean modern sans serif
Creating italics of a font is not simply a matter of skewing the lettershapes and calling it a day; each curve need to be meticulously adjusted to look good
DemiBold or SemiBold sits between Bold & Medium
Skyna Light Italic - Perfect for large sizes without being to heavy
Skyna is a modern and clean multi-purpose sans serif with a distinctly modern and airy feel
Medium Italic of the Skyna Font Family
Skyna is designed to be a non-intrusive bearer of infoermation, formal but not clinical. The uniform width of the characters give Skyna an even, balanced rhythm and makes it perfect for longer passages of text where legebility is key
A multi-purpose sans serif workhorse
A typeface perfect for editorial design as well as infographics & signage - Skyna's neutral & clean lettershapes makes it a non-intrusive bearer of information
Skyna Thin Italic - A weight for every occasion
Skyna Thin for airy headlines and graphics


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Skyna is the first release from Norberg Type Foundry.

Skyna is designed to have a neutral, airy and distinctly modern feel, with no perceived contrast between horizontal and vertical strokes. A true multi-purpose sans serif typeface with a technical/geometric core, but with a friendlier character than your average technical font. The uniform width of the characters gives Skyna an even, balanced rhythm, which makes it perfect for longer passages of body text where legibility is key, while it's neutral appearance makes it a perfect typeface for infographics, wayfinding, signage, branding and editorial design.

Skyna has been carefully and thoroughly kerned with roughly 800 kerning pairs, ensuring that you will get a balanced text in cases where you must rely on a fonts internal kerning metrics, such as on websites and in apps.